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So yesterday I went to the theatre.
I saw a movie called Control Room.
It was the best film I've seen so far this year.

Control Room was a documentary from an Egyptian filmmakers on media controlled wars, specifically the current one in Iraq. It was fucking brilliant. The main consultants for the film are the president (I believe) of Al-Jazeera, a freelance journalist (who primarily works for Al-Jazeera), and a sweet-looking USMC correspondant at CentCom. It's very well put together, and I admire the director for honestly removing political agenda from her work. There are a number of fascinating scenes. A striking one would be where the USMC, a lieutenant I think, consultant is discussing the difference in his reactions to the "shocking" and controversial pictures and films Al-Jazzera showed - being the American ones versus the Arab ones. He says he was saddened and angry with himself for being only moderately disturbed by the photos of dead and injured Iraqi soldiers and civilians and physically sickened at the images of dead and injured American soldiers. He says that it makes him hate war. It's so sad, too. He's obviously such a totally sweet guy, shitty that he's mixed up in misinformation. Smart, too, underneath it all. Hassan Ibrahim, the journalist, is incredibly intelligent and witty as shit, but not in an annoying way, and his presence was real enjoyable in the film. My favorite scene with him in it is when he is interviewing the American - who is trying to compare their use of precision bombing and its positive effect with the firebombings of Germany in WWII - and Ibrahim totally shuts him down, saying that no civilian casualties are acceptable, even if you are lowering the numbers, and also that you can't compare Dresden to Bahdad because sixty years has passed. The Al-Jazeera president was a really cool view to put in the film if only because he's a really unique and interesting guy. A chain smoker, too, motherfucker had a cigarette lit in every scene. But yeah, he's very smart and there's a very cool scene where he is going to do an interview with a "political analyst" from Washington, and when he poses a question to the "analyst" the response he gets is biased, liberal propaganda and blubbering about oil. So the president says "uh, thank you very much sir" and cuts him off right away, they hunts down the bastard who booked him and gives a lecture saying that it was the wrong guy, a totally bad choice because it was NOT an opinion program and he was looking for intelligence not bias, and keeps telling the worker who booked him and is insisting that its ok because hes talking about his own country that it is still not acceptable. Im really not sure how much of this post makes sense, but see the movie, it's brilliant.
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