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The Cineastes is a community started and maintained by oh_halo The community is dedicated to cinema obviously. Of course by cinema I mean good cinema. Of course by good cinema I mean things featured in the interest list.

1. Don't be a total cry baby. If someone offends you don't come complainging to me about it. In fact, if you do I will ban you, not the other person.

2. Obey the rules of the Black List.

3. You must like the Terminator and/or all movie featuring Californias governor as he one of the greatest actors to ever live.

4. No icons featuring pictures of you making stupid faces like you are poundering the meaning of life (ie. why you even bother existing day to day because it is obvious to everyone but you that you are a waste of time). coughcoughauzzieguycoughcough

5. Again, don't be a total puss. If you like shit movies and you put that fact out in the open expect myself or others to let you know that you are TV baby.

6. I think this goes with out say but I guess it doesn't, don't come in here and talk about the new Mandy Moore movie. Noone cares, and if they do I don't care to read anything they have to say and this is my community.

The Black List
The Black List is a list of movies that are NOT to be discussed in this community at anytime. If you are found discussing any of these movies will be banned for one week. Now on to the list...

1. Ghost World
2. Empire Records
3. Run Lola Run
4. Suburbria
5. Dazed and Confused
6. Clerks
7. Chasing Amy
8. Mall Rats
9. Dogma
10. American Beauty
11. Life Is Beautiful
12. Jay and Silent Bob
13. Evil Dead Trilogy
14. Amelie (I don't really dislike thise movie but fucking get over it already)
15. Bowling for Columbine
16. That new movie by that fat fuck Michael Moore
17. Any movie but that worthless bastard.
18. Donnie Darko
19. Trainspotting (I don't dislike this movie either but give it a fucking rest already)
20. Requiem for a Dream (Don't dislike but shut up)
21, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
22. Garden State
23. The Grudge
24. Velvet Goldmine
25. Secretary
26. Most "j-horror" (it's not bad as a while but use your head)
27. All Kevin Smith
28. All Taratino
29. Anyone that has a DVD full of their music videos for semi-respectable mainstream artists.
30. All Charlie Kaufman.

If that sounds harsh I don't really care. There are tons of shit-nosed communities on live journal where you can talk about your oppressively poor taste in movies. I will ban you.

note: You are allowed to talk about the films featured on the black list if you are talking poorly about them.
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